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Beyond Bread

Beyond Bread is a Tucson-based company that has been serving up delicious sandwiches, pastries, soups, salads, and more since 1988.  And as we can personally attest, their food makes a great pre- or post-ride meal!  There are numerous locations throughout Tucson, and the restaurants are a great place to bring friends, family, and more.

Beyond Bread has long been a supporter of cycling in Arizona, and we are excited to partner with this great company!

We are so grateful to Beyond Bread for teaming up with us to help improve women’s cycling in Arizona.  Their support will provide the fundamental building blocks for our organization as we grow and expand throughout 2013 and beyond.  Look for their logo on the final series leader jerseys for the AZ Women’s Race Series and on other WoCAA materials throughout the year.

Thanks, Beyond Bread!

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