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South Mountain TT Race Report by Heidi Melendez

Editor’s Note: We are trying to feature women’s cycling in all forms here on the WoCAA website, so we are glad to be able to post this recent race report by Heidi Melendez of the Landis/ Trek team.  If you have stories, race reports, ride reports, photos, or other fun stuff you’d like to share, please contact us!  

May 11th 2013 marked the 8th annual South Mountain Time Trial in Phoenix, Arizona. Put on by Team Vitesse and sponsored by DNA cycles and Airpark Bikes, this hill climb time trial is one of the most well run and fun time trials that I have been to to date. Filled with raffles, prizes, podium awards and trophies for the individual and team record setters, you definitely get recognized for your accomplishments in this race. Additionally, the course is always clean and well marked, and the Team Vitesse members are always decked out in their team kits and exuding with a fun, playful and positive energy. For me at least, these factors along with the great turn out and opportunity to see my cycling friends, always makes it a pleasure to come out and race or assist with this event.

Today they had close to 150 registered riders, growth again since last year. For the women though, Tribe contributed greatly to the 20 Cat 4 women’s riders that hit the start line! It was quite impressive to see so many women braving the mountain. In addition to the cat 4s, we had a female presence in the cat 3, pro 1/2, masters ages 30+, 40+, 50+,60+, and 70+ divisions, as well as the Female Mountain bike division, Junior 14-16 division, and the tandem division! Of the 147 registered riders 45 were female!! How cool is that?!

As far as results go they are posted here and there are lots of great photos here.  But there are a few names to note for their incredible performances and courage for rolling up to the starting line today. First off, we have Terrin Lane who set the first course record for Female Mountain biker with a time of 28:21. Next up we have Adrienne Brian, set a new course record in the Masters 60+ division with a time of 27:04! Way to go Adrienne! Elizabeth Srejic, newly competing in the cat 3 division, took the top of the podium and set a new course record with a time of 22:29! And finally, Megan French also set a new course record today for the Masters 40+ division with a time of 22:52! Congratulations ladies!! There was truly some amazing talent out there today. I have to say it was quite a pleasure to be part of the experience today and what’s more, an honor to be part of such a great and growing community of women in cycling.

Cheers my friends. Ride on!


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WATCH THIS: Half the Road Trailer

If women hold up half the sky, why don’t they hold up half the road in the sport of professional women’s cycling?  That’s the main question being asked by Kathryn Bertine in the upcoming documentary about women’s professional cycling called Half the Road.  Bertine is a Tucson local and a good friend of WoCAA, so it’s very exciting for us to see the trailer of this documentary, which was just released today.  We can’t wait for the full film!

Bertine has been working with cinematographer Kevin Tokstad to put together some great footage of women’s racing, coupled with many interviews and commentaries from professional cyclists, race promoters, physiologists, doctors, advocates, team directors, and many more.  The film will provide a comprehensive picture of the sport of women’s cycling and will demonstrate why it’s important to provide equal employment and racing opportunities for male and female cyclists alike.

Check out the trailer below and help support the film here.

“Half The Road” trailer from kevin tokstad on Vimeo.

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Race Report by Heidi Melendez

Editor’s Note: We are trying to feature women’s cycling in all forms here on the WoCAA website, so we are glad to be able to post this recent race report by Heidi Melendez of the Landis/ Trek team.  If you have stories, race reports, ride reports, photos, or other fun stuff you’d like to share, please contact us!  

Women’s Race Report for March 23rd and 24th 2013

We had a full weekend of women’s racing here in Arizona. Saturday was the San Tan Crit put on by San Tan Racing. For the women, there was a race for the 1/2/3 division as well as for the 4s and Masters 35 and 50+. A total of 9 racers showed up for the 123 race and 17 for the Masters/4 race with representation from over 14 teams.

Sunday was the Hungry Dog Crit put on by Paragon Cycling. The day wrapped up with the women’s race as the 12s and 34s raced together but were scored separately. Again, we had a great turn out with 15 total riders and 10 teams represented.

Saturday’s races showed some real excitement with Kathy Eaton holding a break in the Masters/4 race winning her the top of the Podium for the Masters 35+ division. Though there were some attack and chase efforts, the wind, field composition and course length appeared to put a damper on the development of a true chase pack. The remainder of the field remained intact for a sprint finish which placed Kathy Eaton (Two Wheel Jones), Kathy Connolly (Two Wheel Jones) and Heidi Melendez (Landis Trek) on the podium respectively for the Masters 35+, LeeAnn Land (Strada racing) and Benka Francoise (Jobbing.com) for the 50+, and Kimberly Johnson (Two Wheel Jones), Gannis Alexis (Curbside Cyclery) and Jackie Dunn (Catalys Racing) for the 4s. Great Job Ladies!

The Women’s 123 race had a strong showing with Chloe Black (Sabino Cycles), Julie Marceau (Unattached) and 16 year old Kirsten Williams from Synergy in the house. With the long course and strong winds once again there was a lot of work being done to chase down the breaks that occurred despite the effort of the pack, Chloe and Julie worked to keep a solid break on the field. Chloe, Julie and Kristen took the podium in that order on the sprint finish as well.

Sunday’s course differed greatly from Saturdays as it was shorter, wide and had big sweeping turns. The wind on the back side presented the same obstacle as Saturday though, which made hard for a break to stick. Chloe Black made an attempt about half way through the race but with the numerous primes, wind, and power in the field she was reeled back in.

This race was an exciting experience for all as they did something a little different. Being a combined 12/34 field, racing together but scored separately, they offered primes for the 12s which the 34s could nab if they won the sprint and primes for the 34s but the 12s couldn’t win these. In addition, on the final 5 laps they called prime after prime. For a short race (30min) we all worked hard. For the 12s Lee-Ann Beatty (Body by Vi), Chloe Black (Sabino Cycles) and Julie Marceau (Unattached) topped the podium and Kristen Williams (Synergy), Alexis Gannis (Curbside Cyclery) and Reily Pankratz (Body by Vi) took it for the 34s.

Though I haven’t been racing long myself, the turnout for our local crits seems to have exponentially grown from last year. I have to say it is awesome to see so many women roll up to the line each weekend. As much as it is racing, without each other we have no race! Keep on riding strong everyone.

See ya next time,
Heidi Ligouri Melendez

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