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Tucson Bike Fest

This month is the Tucson Bike Fest, and Ross and I have been logging some serious miles (this is actually a form of secret training for Gila). I have to admit though, that Ross and I have not been getting along as well as we once did. Those intense April winds don’t make for pleasant bike commuting, especially when one is late for class.

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April 23, 2009   No Comments

Meet Ross

I am dedicating this post to Ross. Ross is a very important part of my life. Ross brings me joy; Ross brings me to tears; and Ross brings me to school and any place else I need to go. Yes, yes, you guessed it, Ross is my commuter bike.


Ross weighs in at about 40 pounds, and when you add a basket, computer, books, and my lunchbox (yea, I have a lunch box, and I’m proud of it), Ross becomes one effective training tool. I ride Ross about 8 miles a day to and from school, and Ross is quite good for the fitness! Add in a few agro commuters for me to chase down on the way home, and voila! I’m getting faster and stronger by the day.

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February 16, 2009   4 Comments