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The Real Deal…

Today is the Phoenix Rock & Roll Marathon… no, thankfully, I’m not running. But my apartment’s balcony is prime real estate for watching and my dogs and I are perched nicely above the street below. It’s now about 8:30 and the first group of runners has already managed a significant gap on the nearest chase group, but there is a somewhat steady stream of runners following – man, these guys are fast!

And there goes the first lady runner – it’s sweet because it looks like she has the same magenta RecoverySocks that I have :) Btw, they’re awesome! [Read more →]

January 16, 2011   No Comments


Today we rode to our 2nd consecutive Arizona State Team Time Trial Championship! (Sorry no pictures yet!) Specialized D4W was represented by myself, Judy Jenkins, Tracy Perez and Kim Truitt, and we did incredible.

Originally, we were to race a 40k out and back, but some recent severe weather washed out a good bit of the road, and the race was shortened to 30k. I have to say the course was so much better then Picacho in regards to traffic and general road condition; the wind however seems to be consistent no matter where the course is – a not so awesome head-wind on the way out and sick tailwind to push us home at speeds exceeding 30mph! Unfortunately we lost some horse-power early on when Kim suffered a mechanical, many people would have simply given up after such an early incident, so needless to say we were all impressed by her drive and dedication when we saw her not too far from the turn-around.

Thanks to Nippy and SW Hand for putting on the race! Great day ladies, it was awesome riding with all of you! Rock on!

– Heather

August 29, 2010   2 Comments

A day in the 909.

Most mornings I wake-up excited to get to spend another day in the saddle, and without fail, within a few hours the excitement is shattered when I land behind my desk. The endorphins that were once pumping through my body wane, and are hastily replaced by caffeine as focus is shifted to the matters at hand. I miss the taste of a solid ride, the salty crust baked onto my helmet straps after descending Lemmon, the sweet taste of my recovery Fluid and knowing I deserved every second of the nap that is about to consume my entire afternoon. I guess it’s no secret what I do on the weekend 😀

This past week however, and increasingly in the past few months, I have been on the road for work – which has been AWESOME! Give me a laptop and an air-card and call me productivity! What sane cyclist wants to be in Phoenix in the summer anyways?

Temecula I returned today from Temecula, and while I don’t think its quite Napa, the riding was awesome and the weather was spectacular – 95 and sunny! The roads were rolling to downright mountainous, there was little traffic in the rural regions and best of all, there was SHADE!

I had never heard anything good about the Inland Empire but I am sold on the plethora of excellent riding!

[

August 27, 2010   2 Comments