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CycloFemme Prescott Report

If you’ve been keeping up with the WoCAA Facebook page, you probably have an idea of what CycloFemme Day is all about. It’s about women. It’s about bikes. When you put two and two together, you have women on bikes, which is a beautiful thing worth celebrating. WoCAA hosted a ride in Tucson which included 50 women and was a huge success. Their ride was well organized, had a route map, ride leaders, a raffle, snacks and even a destination (Tucson’s Loop Bike Shop). They even posted a blog update about the ride on CycloFemme Day!

Since I’ve been hanging out in Prescott, Arizona lately, I knew I wouldn’t be in Tucson for CycloFemme. A little bummed out to miss the event (should we call it Arizona’s largest women’s group ride?), I lamented that I wasn’t connected enough in Prescott to organize an event of my own. About a week out from the big day, I called up High Gear Bike Shop on a whim and pitched them the idea for the ride. They loved it and assured me that they’d be there and bring some of their friends. Perfect.

After a quick chat with Cindy (one of the owners of High Gear) we decided to convene the CycloFemme ride at Method Coffee and use the small nearby trail network at Pioneer Park. Method Coffee has some of the best coffee in Prescott and is very close to some beginner-friendly trails. Pioneer Park is also relatively enclosed so (theoretically) it’s hard to get lost.

I messaged Method Coffee through their Facebook page to purchase a pot of coffee for the ride. The owner responded and offered to donate coffee for our ride and thanked us for choosing their café as a meeting spot—now that’s a bicycle-friendly business! It turns out Method Coffee has some loyal followers in the Prescott cycling community. There were more chamois-clad customers hanging around than not.

So with High Gear Bike Shop and Method Coffee on board, our ride was set. The only question is how many women would show up? How many had heard about the ride? As I pulled into Method Coffee on the morning of the ride, I was pretty excited to see lots of women and lots of bikes. It turns out we had 13 women come out to pedal bikes. It was an incredibly diverse group as well. We had two who were going on their first mountain bike ride ever. We had three girls from middle and high school and a college student. We had a grandma (Cindy, who can ride a bike!) and a handful of Mom’s enjoying a morning off for Mother’s Day. Plus, a couple racers and a Canadian ☺. And we all had a great time.

Thank you CycloFemme for the occasion. Thank you to High Gear Bike Shop and especially the women who work there for being such great ambassadors for cycling in Prescott. And a huge thanks to everyone who came out to ride.

Pedal on.

May 14, 2013   1 Comment

Nature Valley Grand Prix Report

Before I get started with a blog update, I’d like to apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. You see, I’m technologically in the dark ages and haven’t replaced my broken four year old digital camera, and my phone just isn’t fancy enough to handle pictures. But I have thought ahead to e-mail people who did take pictures, and I’ll try to get them posted as they come in.

First, we have many people to thank for helping Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus have such a successful Nature Valley (Best Amateurs all around!). Our two hosts, Lindsey Hamilton and the O’Day family couldn’t have been moreaccommodatingand helpful. Then we have Ralf to thank for keeping our Specialized bikes looking great (and working flawlessly). And of course, thanks Maggie for being the most fabulous team director!

Prologue – St. Paul Riverfront TT (6.0 miles)

As a new rule, no TT gear was allowed during the prologue. This meant no funny helmets, clip-on bars, or no TT bikes. So we pedaled as hard as we possibly could (in our drop-bars) down the riverfront, through the turnaround, past the start, and up a steep power-climb to the finish. For the day, the team finished in 11th place overall with the following resutls: Chloe – 34th, Melanie – 51st, Cara – 62nd, Jenna – 64th, Ari – 70th. Amazingly, I snagged the green Best Amateur jersey. This means, I had the fastest time of all the Category 2 racers. [Read more →]

June 21, 2010   5 Comments

Collegiate Nats and life.

Whew. What a month. A year ago I raced my first Tour of the Gila followed up by Collegiate Nationals in Fort Collins, CO. I told myself that’d be last time I’d race for multiple days, consecutive weekends, smack dab during the last week of school. Well, I guess I forgot.

This year, it happened again (still not sure how). Except Collegiate Road Nationals were located almost a thousand miles further than last year. Madison, WI isalong ways from Tucson. Yet somehow I survived finals, finished my papers, fought a cold (and lost), and still managed to have a great time. It helped having so many teammates in the same situation so we could aid each other in procrastinating. Melanie has written up an excellent summary of the races, although I think she’s being a little modest about her own results. A top-ten NRC results is a huge accomplishment, and especially impressive on top of her PhD studies, blogging, role as Team Captain, race promoter, and upcoming wedding (yes–she’ll be the bride). Anyway, it’s pretty exciting to see hard work pay off and it’s a great result for the Specialized D4W team.

Now I’m realizing that I won’t line up at another collegiate race for quite some time, and I’m a little bummed about it. For three years I juggled racing as a professional mountain biker for the Luna Chix and the responsibilities of a full-time student. For those years, collegiate racing helped me keep things in perspective and realize why I race bikes. I think it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be racing today without collegiate racing and the UA Cycling Club (and TJ!).

Luckily, I’ve found a home with the Arizona-based road team Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus. My teammates kick ass in the hundred different things they do (including some very impressive on-the-bike accomplishments). Plus, I’m now comfortable wearing pink and baby blue; although I’m not yet comfortable considering myself a road racer. Hopefully I can figure it out at the Nature Valley Grand Prix–my next big road race. Until then, I’ll be moving into my new house, mountain bike racing, and hopefully blogging more often!

Also, thanks to all the Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus sponsors, my teammates, my friends and family, TJ, and all the other sponsors and supporters I’ve had along the way. I’ve definitely had some ups and downs with training and racing but I’m in this sport for the long haul. Thanks for checking in!

May 18, 2010   1 Comment