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Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau

Leah Guloien and I (Cara!) had a chance to race the Gatineau UCI race with the Canadian National Team. It was a great experience, especially racing with Clara Hughes. The race was very active and the Canadians were well represented in almost all of the moves. In the end, we finished with 2 in the top ten, with Leah Kirchmann just off the podium in 4th. Although I didn’t get a chance to rock my pink armwarmers, my totally awesome Zeal optics kept all the pesky Canadian blackflies out of my eyes.

Julia, Leah G, Clara, Leah K, Cara, and Annie

June 2, 2011   No Comments

Missing Link Coaching Systems/Specialized Training Camp Awesomeness!

So it was cold, and I whined a lot, and there was a lot of climbing (which actual climbers probably wouldn’t noticed, but finely tuned hill radar definitely picked up on), but it was actually so much fun that I felt warm (so of).

It’s going to be a great (and warm!) season.


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Remiss Race Reports

Here’s what’s been happening from Cara’s So-Cal perspective

Kern County
2nd GC: 3rd TT, 1st CT, 3rd Hill Climb, 2nd RR
The Kern County Women’s Stage race is 4 stages in 3 days, with a 10 mile TT on Friday, a 60 mile circuit race followed 3 hours later by a 13 mile hill climb on Saturday, and a 74 mile hilly, hot, miserable road race on Sunday.

Some highlights include winning the circuit in a field sprint for the second year in a row, having a lovely stroll up the hill without a compact (ha!), and somehow getting a three minute lead on Molly Van H. and Jane D when I ‘attacked’ them after the three of us got away in the road race. I was convinced they must have crashed, but Rob assured me it was just the case that each was waiting for the other to chase. Unfortunately Molly caught me at the start of the last lap and was too strong for me on the major climb. Sigh. Overall the race was fun and epic as always. Much thanks to Rob and Russ from Metromint for all of their help (including a feed of the best fruit punch Gatorade I’ve ever had.) [Read more →]

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