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Buzz buzz buzz

I had a nice surprise when I came home from work last week: a big box full of new Honey Stinger goodies!

Wow! That’s a lot of Honey Stinger product.

I had finally run out of my supply of nutrition from that OTHER company and was looking forward to getting a resupply from my new sponsor. Plenty to keep me running for the upcoming slate of stage races. I ordered a little bit of this and a little bit of that so I could try out all the flavors and products and find my favorites. Let’s see what we had in the box: [Read more →]

April 16, 2011   1 Comment

Wait a second. Did I just enjoy a day of crit racing?

Yep, I never thought it could happen, but I raced two crits yesterday and actually enjoyed myself. I usually don’t enjoy racing crits; not only are the endless laps boring, but I’m not good at them! I’m always drifting back, working my way back up, drifting back again; it’s a constant battle. But I was determined to improve my crit racing this spring after some poor performances last year. At team camp, I was talking with Cara Gillis and found that she had a similar feeling last spring; after racing practice crit after practice crit she saw a lot of improvement.

I was up early yesterday for the long but pretty drive from Morgan Hill to Dinuba and arrived to find that they wouldn’t let me race in the men’s Master’s 35+ 1/2/3 — some rule over my head — but I could race the men’s Cat 3 at 12:15pm, which would finish immediately before the women’s race at 1:15pm. Hmm. I decided to give it a shot since it was just a day of practice and there were only 14 women signed up at 1:15. More than a couple men gave me the stink-eye on the line (no one is more vain than a male bike racer! “what is SHE doing here…SHE can’t possibly race with us…”) but I just sat on my top-tube calmly. I had never raced with Cat 3s but then again there are always those “never-haves” in racing. I remember very clearly the first time I raced in ‘cross elite 1/2s — Catamount Cross in Vermont in 2009 — and feeling intimidated at the start line but telling myself over and over, “You deserve to be here, you are an elite racer!” [Read more →]

February 22, 2011   1 Comment

New Team, New Products!

I’m excited to be wrapping up my first training camp with my new team, Missing Link Coaching Systems/Specialized. It’s a remarkable group of dedicated racers, positive thinkers, and team players. Led by Maggie and Don Williams, we are chomping at the bit to rock the upcoming season!

Joining a new team, I got the opportunity this week to try out some exciting products offered by our generous sponsors. Yesterday’s local circuit race at McDowell Mountain gave me a good opportunity to battle-test some of the new nutrition and gear!

XOOD’s natural energy drink gave me a good mix of carbs with just a touch of protein to help me get through not only warmups and my 40-minute race, but another 2 hours of spinning on the bike afterwards. The mangosteen flavor was light and didn’t give me that too-sweet, dry mouth feeling I get with other drink mixes. A few hours before the race I fueled up with a HoneyStinger Peanut Butter & Honey energy bar, and found it to be tasty and a good consistency for easy eating on the bike. At the start line I topped off my tank with a HoneyStinger Gold gel; the 120 calories were plenty to propel me through the coming laps and the slightly lower viscosity than some of those other brands made it super easy to eat quickly, with no mess. My nutritional explorations continued during my after-race spin with a HoneyStinger 10g Peanut Butta Protein bar to help my muscles recover, and the smaller size was appreciated–I don’t need the same amount of food as a 200lb male racer! I worked on rehydrating with a FLUID drink mix, which gave me 100% natural carbs, protein and also a touch of glutamine to reduce inflammation. I had the Tropical Escape flavor and it mixed up quickly without leaving a chalky residue behind in the bottle. [Read more →]

February 6, 2011   No Comments