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Final 2014 WoCAA Race Series Standings Posted

We are happy to announce that the final standings from the 2014 WoCAA Race Series are now posted following the South Mountain Hill Climb.  We do apologize for the delay in getting these out to you, and thanks for your patience!

Thank you to all the riders who participated in the 2014 WoCAA Race Series!  And congratulations to all the series winners!

El Grupo Youth Cycling took home the Women’s Team competition this year!

And a huge thanks to Nancy Ellis for compiling all the WoCAA Race Series points this year and last year.  We couldn’t have done this without you, Nancy!

Interpreting the WoCAA Race Series Results

The Final 2014 WoCAA Race Series results have a little more information than you have seen in previous results updates.  This is due to the fact that a number of the race categories did not have any riders who met the minimum number of 4 required races in their category.  However, in an effort to acknowledge and appreciate all riders who participated in WoCAA Race Series races, we have included everyone in the final spreadsheets.  However, there are a few key places that you need to look for information.  The following graphic explains what the different columns in each spreadsheet mean.

The WoCAA Race Series Rules can be found here for reference.  Please comment on this post if you have any questions.

Thank You to 2014 WoCAA Race Series Promoters, Liaisons, and Sponsors

In 2014, we had a total of 6 fantastic races participate in the WoCAA Race Series through a bidding process.  Many thanks to the promoters of the UA Crit, Oracle Road Race, Sun Devil Classic, Tucson Bicycle Classic, Tolero Crit, and South Mountain Hill Climb.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

And a huge thanks, as well, to our WoCAA Race Series Liaisons who helped with the WoCAA Welcome Tent at the events, handed out schwag, and made sure things ran smoothly for the women.  A huge thanks to Chloe Woodruff, Andrea Gonzales, Liz Schmitt, Daniela Diamente, Nancy Ellis, and Amber Mellano!

Also, a huge thanks to Clif Bar for providing delicious bars and gels to all the series riders who stopped by the WoCAA Welcome Tents at different races.  We were thrilled to provide women with such an awesome product!

Future of the WoCAA Race Series

2013 and 2014 were experimental years as we launched the WoCAA Race Series in 2013 with the hopes of increasing the quality and quantity of the women’s racing experience in Arizona.  In 2014, we also added master’s women’s categories.

While we expect growing pains as we figure out the best way(s) to encourage women to race in Arizona, we would definitely appreciate feedback on the WoCAA Series.  As you can see from the results, there are a number of categories in which there were no eligible riders who met the minimum 4 race requirement, and we want to know what could be done to incentivize riders to participate in the series?  Or is a series even the right approach to encouraging racing?

Please send us your feedback in the comments below or through the Contact Us form.

We are still working on discussions for a potential 2014 Series Awards party, so stay tuned for that, as well as information about any upcoming events.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the WoCAA Race Series and made it possible!

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