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WoCAA 2014 Race Series Details

The WoCAA 2014 Race Series is right around the corner, and we wanted to share all of the juicy details with you!


Rules & Registration

The race series is open to all female riders with no restrictions on residency or team affiliation, although all riders must have a valid USAC license or one-day license.

Riders are highly encouraged to register for the series at ArizonaReg.  Riders who register by Friday, January 31, 2014, will receive 25 bonus points towards the overall series for registering.  Registration is free and can be completed at anytime, but bonus points will only be awarded to those who register on or before January 31, 2014.

Riders must still register for each event in the series.  Registration in the overall series does not ensure registration in individual series events.

Riders must complete a minimum of 4 events in order to be eligible for the final series standings.

Why Participate?

WoCAA is putting a lot of effort into the 2014 Race Series to make it a fun, high quality racing experience for women of all levels statewide.  WoCAA has a race liaison to each event in the series, and we are working individually with each race promoter to put on an event that includes the following:

  • WoCAA Welcome Tent or Women’s Zone at each race
  • As close to equal prize money and/ or prizes to the top 3 women in each category as possible
  • More equal times and distances to men’s races
  • Women’s categories grouped together to the degree possible or during high viewing times when possible
  • Categories offered in accordance with the WoCAA Series Scoring
WoCAA and each race liaison will work to arrange the WoCAA Welcome Tent or Women’s Zone, which will be an area for women to get to know each other and hang out before and after the races.  There might even be some fun swag there too!  We will also do our best to organize ride sharing options and host housing for each race whenever feasible in order to encourage as many women as possible to attend!  We understand that racing can be time consuming and expensive, and we are trying to help ease the burden and encourage women to race more!
In short, there are lots of great reasons to attend WoCAA Race Series events, but we hope you check out the rest of the Arizona Bicycle Racing calendar, as well, as there are tons of great events throughout the year!


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