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ANNOUNCING: WoCAA Cyclocross Series!

Ladies, who wants more racing this fall?!  I know we do!  So we are pleased to announce the addition of a WoCAA Cyclocross series for 2013!  Keep reading for more information and details.  We hope to see you at the CX Races!

Details for 2013 WoCAA Cyclocross Series

1. The WoCAA CX Series will include all races in the regular AZ Cross Calendar.  Also see the schedule posted below.

2. The WoCAA CX Series will use the same rules as the WoCAA Race Series.

3. All women riders will race together in the Women’s open category and be scored together for race-day results.  For the purposes of the WoCAA CX Series only, there will be two categories – Elite (Pro and Cat 1 CX license holders) and Amateur (all other categories).  Overall awards will be given to the top Elite and top Amateur riders.

4. There is no team competition for the WoCAA CX Series.

5. There is no minimum race requirement.  However, additional points are awarded for simply starting and finishing races.  See the rulebook for all the details on scoring.

6. You do not need a cyclocross bike in order to participate.  Mountain bikes can also be used in local CX races.  However, we are looking into options for potential demo bikes and will announce any details if we are able to work something out.  In the meantime, please consider talking to your local bike shop about renting or borrowing an MTB or CX bike if you are interested in participating in the series but don’t have a bike.

7. Series awards for the WoCAA CX Series and the regular WoCAA Race Series will be presented at the Annual WoCAA Party in January 2014!  More details to follow.

8. The regular WoCAA Race Series includes one cyclocross race.  The final race of the WoCAA series will be the Flag XX cyclocross race in Flagstaff on Saturday, October 26.  This race will count towards both the regular WoCAA Series and the WoCAA CX Series events.  Team points will be awarded at this race for the regular WoCAA Series only.

For full details on all of the CX races, please visit AZCross.com.


  1. Saturday, October 19  – CRANKY CROSS – CYCLO-A-CROSS Globe, AZ
  2. Saturday, October 26 – FLAG XX brought to you by Absolute Bikes –  Sinagua Middle School Flagstaff, AZ (ALSO RACE #11 IN REGULAR WoCAA SERIES – SEE ABOVE)
  3. Saturday -Sunday, November 9-10 – STORM THE BEACH brought to you by U of AZ Cycling – Christopher Columbus Park Tucson, AZ
  4. Sunday, November 17 CRANKY CROSS –  MOOEY CROSS – Superstition Farms Mesa, AZ
  5. Sunday, November 24 CRANKY CROSS – CYCLOXCROSS at Horse Lover’s Park  – brought to you by Bicycle Ranch Phoenix, AZ
  6. Sunday, December 1 – SMA SMACKDOWN CX –  Quincie Park Tucson, AZ
  7. Saturday, December 7 – CRANKY CROSS – RACE AROUND THE FARM –  Mother Nature Farm Gilbert, AZ
  8. Friday, December 20 & Saturday, December 21 – ARIZONA STATE CX CHAMPIONSHIP and AZ CROSS Series Finals –  Crossroads Park Gilbert, AZ
Thanks to AZCross for supporting women’s bike racing in Arizona! 
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