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5 percent, according to scientists at Harbor Branch

“Keep open woundscovered with clean, dry bandages until healed and don’t delay first aid of even minor, non infectedwounds like blisters, scrapes or any break in the skin.”While Vibrio vulnificus is often referred to as “flesh eating bacteria,” the term is misleading cheap jerseys, health officials say.The bacteria won’t decompose healthy, intact skin, even if contacted for long periods of time, according to researchers at FAU Harbor Branch. People get infected when infectious strains of the bacteria come in contact with open wounds or broken skin, or are ingestedin large amounts.Only after the bacteria enters the body can itcause disease in certain susceptible individuals.The die off of tissue, or “necrosis,” happens during advanced stages of infectionand only withsevere infections https://www.cheapjerseysteams.com/, according to FAU Harbor Branch.The bacteria can thrive when salt levels dip below2.5 percent, according to scientists at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institutionin Fort Pierce. This week, state water monitors in the Indian River Lagoon near Melbourne and Vero Beach showed salt levels had dropped to about 1.7 percent and 2 percent, respectively.About half ofVibriovulnificus infections are deadlywhen people with preexisting health conditions eat a contaminated oyster or other seafood.

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