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Missing Link – Specialized Team Coming to a Close

2011 was a breakout year for the Missing Link Coaching Systems/ Specialized Team.  The team secured its first NRC stage win on the final stage of Tour of the Gila, rode to a number of other podium finishes in NRC races, had numerous victories on local & regional stages, and finished 4th overall in the Women’s Prestige Series and 6th overall in the National Race Calendar series.  It was a fantastic year that highlighted the strength and cohesiveness of the team in many different races.

However, 2011 will be the final year for the Missing Link – Specialized team.  The team director Maggie Williams, and her husband Don, who have been invaluable supporters of the team, have decided to step away from team sponsorship and direction for the time being.  Maggie recently took an incredible opportunity to develop her career and has some exciting opportunities ahead of her as the Global Head of Talent Management for AIG.  She’s at the pinnacle of her career and has decided to take a break from running a cycling team to focus on these exciting developments.  Speaking on behalf of the riders on the team, we wish her and Don all the best in this exciting time, and we are very, very grateful for their support and the opportunities they have provided.  Thanks, Don & Maggie!

We are also very grateful to all our sponsors, who have been invaluable in the success of the team, as well.  A huge shout-out to Specialized, Missing Link Coaching & Training Systems, Nicollet South Bike Shop, Bike Shop Hub, Fluid Recovery, Athlete Octane, XOOD – Natural Healthy Endurance Drink, Honey Stinger, Genuine Innovations, and Zeal Optics!!!  We highly recommend you check out these great companies and products now and into the future!

Of course, this team and all its success would not have been possible without the great roster of riders on the team.  I am glad to call these women my friends and have been fortunate to have such great teammates.  Best of luck to you ladies in your bright cycling futures!

For me, it is definitely bittersweet to write this post.  I have been with the team for four years, and in addition to racing, I have worked as the Team Captain, Webmaster, and Product Sponsor Coordinator.  I have had tons of great opportunities to work with sponsors, teammates, and everyone involved in the team.  While it is hard to see the team coming to a close, I’m also very excited for new opportunities for myself and everyone else!

So in sum, it’s been a great run with Missing Link – Specialized (formerly Specialized D4W p/b Bicycle Haus)!  Best of luck to everyone moving forward.  Women’s Bike Talk will continue to be the team website for a few more months, but it will morph into something new in the future, so please keep us in your Google Reader, RSS Feeds, etc.

Happy Riding!
Melanie Meyers Colavito
September 19, 2011



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