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Xterra Moab

Xterra Moab was technically my first Xterra as a pro. Let’s just say it was not the debut I imagined. The swim began in Ken’s lake, and the water temp was frigid (I’m talking less than 60 degrees!). After a very chilly swim, I set out on the bike trying to regain my equilibrium lost in the cold waters. The bike course on the infamous Steelbender trail was rocky, sandy, and technical with big drops and sharp ledges. I think I left my fear, intuition, and common sense back in Denver as I attempted to ride every feature on the trail, and not very gracefully at that. Several crashes and a few choice words later, I finally made it back to transition. Out on the run, I was merely trying to survive. In the midst of all my crashing on the bike, I had completely forgotten to hydrate and eat. I suffered through, making sure to put one foot in front of the other and trying not to pass out. After finishing the race and pounding a few cookies, I was able to muster the energy to pose for this picture. Notice my awesome new trisuit, thanks to my team Missing Link Coaching Systems/Specialized. All and all, I managed a 7th place finish (overall women) and learned quite a few valuable lessons.

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