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What Goes Around Comes Around

Though my tan lines and sunburns would suggest otherwise, racing has only begun to pick up in the last month around the Old Pueblo.  I have had the awesome opportunity to race with multiple teammates the last four weekends and it has been nothing short of a blast. The ultimate maxim of cycling states that our pursuit is a team sport, first and foremost. The last month, I have had the pleasure of playing nearly every single role as a teammate: pack police, support crew, race leader and lead out train queen. Each experience has taught me that satisfaction can be wrought in pursuit of a singular goal among many teammates, and that personal gain is most experienced when the rest of the team has the same intent. I can truly say that I enjoyed watching Kapri off the front in the Colossal criterium, and Mary taking the sprint win at the San Tan Criterium, just as much as I enjoyed winning the overall at Colossal Cave last weekend. This notion of a common goal is something that many people have a hard time understanding about the sport. It seems so individualized because only one can cross the finish line first. However, there are so many moments, so many opportunities for personal victory in a race that a “W” becomes something desired for the self, but not the be all, end all reason why we compete. Satisfaction is gained when pain has a purpose greater than ourselves. And, when your teammates are people that you respect, both on and off the bike, then wins become a testament to successful connections made and the people who work together to realize a goal.

Tracey awaits her yellow jersey honors at the conclusion of the Tucson Bicycle Classic stage race

Erin and Kapri all smiles after the final stage of Colossal Cave

The Anti-Podium at Colossal Cave stage race. Kimberly takes 1st and Kapri takes 4th

For a little humor, this is what my seat looked like at the end of the Circuit Race at Colossal. Thankfully it waited till the last lap to fail!

A few photos to chronicle the fun and the hurt (put on others, of course).I hope you enjoy the photographic journey as much as I have. A big shout out to to my teammates Erin Lauterbach, Kapri Gonzales, Tracey Perez and Mary Hall for being both selfless and dogged in their pursuit of race wins for the Missing Link/Specialized team! I am very blessed to race with such a dynamic and talented group of up-and-comers.

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1 Anna Barensfeld { 04.16.11 at 10:52 am }

LOVE THIS! Congrats to all of you on the recent success! I am so happy for the team.

2 Luisa { 04.18.11 at 6:52 am }

Nice job ladies! Thanks for keeping us out-of-towners updated.

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