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XOOD Product Review

I have to admit, when I first learned that XOOD was our team drink sponsor, I was a bit skeptical; I mean, I’d never even heard of the product. However, after trying XOOD during my training, my skepticism quickly faded and I immediately felt confident using XOOD during racing. XOOD tastes great, is light in flavor, and provides my body with much needed nutrition when my heart rate is spiked. Best of all, it contains a bit of protein but does not turn ‘milky’ and gross-tasting when it gets warm.

XOOD is a natural, healthy energy drink with no added sweeteners and no artificial colors or flavoring. It is composed of a blend of maltodextrin, whey protein, fructose, electrolytes, and vitamins meant to go easy on your digestive system.

XOOD is a product of HeartWise Fitness & Nutrition and was developed by two cardiologists who sought to provide endurance athletes with a nutrition product composed of only high quality, natural, heart-friendly ingredients. One of the founding docs, Sal Tirrito, is an Ironman athlete and an occasional writer for our Doctor’s Corner section of Women’s Bike Talk. Lou Lancero, the other founding cardiologist of XOOD, is also an avid bike racer and triathlete.

XOOD is available in three varieties:

XOOD Green Tea Lemon, with a natural source of caffeine from green tea extract, designed to energize your workouts. Personally, this is my favorite flavor of XOOD.

XOOD Pomegranate, which contains polyphenols from natural pomegranate extract, designed to act as powerful antioxidants to cleanse the body of toxins built up during sustained exercise and reduce oxidative damage.

XOOD Mangosteen, which contains mangosteen, a unique tropical fruit with anti-inflammatory properties thought to revive tired muscles, as well as to decrease fatigue and gastro-intestinal issues.

Although XOOD is not as well known as, say, Gatorade, it’s definitely worth giving a shot. In my opinion, it does not disappoint.

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