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Remiss Race Reports

Here’s what’s been happening from Cara’s So-Cal perspective

Kern County
2nd GC: 3rd TT, 1st CT, 3rd Hill Climb, 2nd RR
The Kern County Women’s Stage race is 4 stages in 3 days, with a 10 mile TT on Friday, a 60 mile circuit race followed 3 hours later by a 13 mile hill climb on Saturday, and a 74 mile hilly, hot, miserable road race on Sunday.

Some highlights include winning the circuit in a field sprint for the second year in a row, having a lovely stroll up the hill without a compact (ha!), and somehow getting a three minute lead on Molly Van H. and Jane D when I ‘attacked’ them after the three of us got away in the road race. I was convinced they must have crashed, but Rob assured me it was just the case that each was waiting for the other to chase. Unfortunately Molly caught me at the start of the last lap and was too strong for me on the major climb. Sigh. Overall the race was fun and epic as always. Much thanks to Rob and Russ from Metromint for all of their help (including a feed of the best fruit punch Gatorade I’ve ever had.)

SoCal Crit Championships (aka Barry Wolfe Grand Prix)
My coach keeps insisting I do these local crits, with the stipulation that I ride to them so I get some decent miles in. This one happened to be in the valley, on Memorial weekend, with temperatures approaching 100. After drinking 4 bottles on the 30 mile ride to the course, I was hot and tired (and cranky). The field was big and the course was short: only 800 meters. It was a pretty active race, I got away solo for about 4 laps and won some primes, then I got into a break of 6 or so that stayed away for a while, then I attacked with one other rider with about 10 laps to go. That got caught, and then two (Morgan Kapp from Herbalife and Juile Cutts from Colavita Vegas) countered. With one lap to go Kendall Ryan of NOW bridged up and won the sprint. I was pack fodder after too many lame attacks. I did have some great photo ops though ‘

Not used to being off the front, I kept looking back thinking "what am I doing up here?"

Not used to being off the front, I kept looking back thinking "what am I doing up here?"

La Habra Cyclery Crit (aka CBR/BAR #6)
Again, a nice long windy hot ride to the crit, this time at the edge of Compton and Dominguez Hills. Only 5 women were registered by about 30 showed up. It was a short race (35 minutes!!) because of some crashes in previous races and a need to get back of schedule for the pro men. Hmmmm’.. I digress. Since many teams present had many members and many sprinters, I figured I’d try and get away early and maybe make someone, somewhere tired. It seemed like either a) my attacks sucked or b) no one would let me go because after my initial jump, there would always be a string of people chasing me down. Really people, I can’t sprint, I often feel like I can barely peddle, why don’t you just let me go? Can’t you let non-sprinters win crits sometimes? At any rate, at some point a break got away. I was sulking in the back when I saw this happen and realized that every team was represented. Luckily, I wasn’t a total space cadet and bridged up to the group of 8 or so. There was lots of cat-and-mousing around until the final lap. I was not using my massive size to the greatest advantage and got pushed back a bit. Ugh. I managed to muster some power and came in fifth resulting in a 2$ profit for the day. Not too bad, as I could buy a coke to fuel my longer, hotter, and windier ride back home (I’m sure it was all uphill.)

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