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Update on Heidi Clayton

Yesterday, I mentioned in our Redlands Prologue post that our teammate Heidi Clayton was hit by a pickup truck while on a group ride. Fortunately, Heidi made it through a long, hard surgery last night and can wiggle her toes. She has a broken back, but there is no paralysis. Heidi is going to have a long, hard road to recovery, but she is an incredibly tough woman and will pull through.

Nonetheless, she could certainly use some support! Below is some information the team has received with instructions for helping Heidi and her family during this tough time.

Updates are being posted to the Ahwatukee Cycling Group on Facebook. Here is the latest:

I just got off the phone with Tripp. Heidi’s in ICU recovering, and needs her rest. She appreciates all the concern and wishes, but the best thing for her right now is rest. So please, NO visitors. In the meantime, we have set up a CaringBridge page for everyone to share their wishes – http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/heidiclayton. Please feel free to go to the GuestBook. Once she starts feeling better, she’ll be able to read all your comments and well-wishes.

A lot of people have also asked how they can help. Right now, the answer is to keep Heidi in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Once Heidi returns home, I’m sure there will be 1000 things she’ll need, so stay tuned — we’ll figure out some way to organize all the volunteers to make sure she has meals, help, groceries, drivers, etc. And just as importantly, to make sure she doesn’t have 100 visitors (or 20 zucchini casseroles). Stay tuned here for more details. But for now, no visitors — go up to caringbridge and post your wishes so Heidi can read them once she starts feeling better.

That is some information I received earlier today. So for now, please just keep Heidi in your thoughts! Thank you!

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