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Team Ride & Meeting

2009 is quickly coming to a close, and the Specialized Designs for Women p/b Bicycle Haus team is very excited about 2010. We recently got together for a team ride and meeting up in Phoenix. The weather was fantastic, and we had a great ride, lunch, and meeting. Here are a few photos from the day, compliments of Heather.

pict0421Heading out.

pict0423Judy and Mary are all smiles.

pict0424Who doesn’t want pink arms?

pict0428Group shot – Take 1

pict0430Group shot – Take 2

pict0432Getting ready to head back.

We have a great roster of riders for 2010, as well as a great group of sponsors. We will be writing in-depth posts with introductions to the team and the sponsors soon, but for now, here is a quick summary.

Riders returning for 2010:

  • Carrie Hansen
  • Heather Sborz
  • Heidi Clayton
  • Jen Sica
  • Judy Jenkins
  • Kim Cole
  • Mary Hall
  • Maggie Williams
  • Melanie Meyers
  • Maureen Middleton
  • Sandra Grady
  • Spring Clegg – although she is technically moving to HI, so will not be able to race with us much :-(

New for 2010:

  • Alexandra Graebe
  • Beca Jones
  • Cara Gillis
  • Chloe Forsman
  • Erica Zaveta
  • Kimberly Truitt
  • Luisa Bryce (rode with us in 2008)
  • Melissa McWhirter
  • Olivia Dillon
  • Ruth Clemence

Sponsors returning for 2010:

New sponsors for 2010:

Thanks to all of our sponsors and supporters. We are looking forward to a strong 2010 season. There will be additional information, bios, and more about our riders and sponsors soon! Check back and ride on!

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1 Alex Graebe { 12.09.09 at 11:40 am }

Hi everyone……. so excited to be apart of the team! -Alex ;p Charge the bullets 2010!!

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