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XOOD, my favorite race beverage

XOOD – The natural healthy endurance drink.

One time, at a triathlon, I got so dehydrated I answered ‘Tucson’ when the ambulance driver asked me what my name was. That was in 1999, and I wasn’t just dehydrated but hyponatremic. Which is a fancy word Don’t-drink-gallons-of-water-leading-up-to-your-race-or-you’ll-deplete-your-sodium-levels-so-bad-it-could-kill-you. Or, in my case, turn me into a moron for a couple days. To avoid both moronism and death, it is best for endurance athletes to mix water with electrolyte replenishment products. Ten years ago, there weren’t a lot of choices for electrolyte drinks. Gatorade, Powerade, and other-ades were common, but often full of high fructose corn syrup and food colorings seemingly leeched from lightbulbs along the Las Vegas strip. Many a tummy have been troubled by such ingredients, especially during the utmost level of physical effort, and many a tummy have silently cried out for change. Luckily, Dr. Sal Tirrito and Dr. Lou Lancero two cardiologist-athletes in Tucson, heard the cry and created the best tasting, most effective, stomach-friendly electrolyte sports drink (technically, mix) on the market: XOOD.

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