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Mt. Hood Cycling Classic

Hey Ya’ll,

I just finished up the tour. I had a great week. Each tour I am making a bit of progress forward so that is really all you can ask of yourself.
I finished up 7th on GC.

Stage one I was 11th. A short prolog. I’m slowly getting better at these short burst TT efforts, but I still have allot work to do.

Stage two was a hilly 100km circuit race. I ended up 8th. I did make a little break of 9 on lap 2, but it was pulled back on the decent. I was happy that this was the first time I’ve ever made a break.

Stage 3 was a longer hilly TT. It was the windest conditions the race has seen. The pro men this year did the same times as the women last year, that’s windy!! I was 6
in this. My best TT yet.

Satge 4 was a very long RR. 150km with allot of climbing. I took some huge risks on this stage and raced really agressively. I set hard tempo up the ealy climbs to try to get rid of some of the weaker girls, to only have the com car nutruealize us for 15 min shortly after for the men’s 3 race to pass, that was a shame to loose that work to that. Then I attacked a couple more times, then went for a long solo break away. When the pack caught me back I settled in and hung with the front pack until the very last 700m and just dropped off the back slightly to end up 10th. I wanted to race agreesively this day and try for a shot to win. It was fun trying!!

The last stage was a crit. I recovered well each day so I was excitted to race hard. I was riding my best crit ever. Then on the last lap I got in perfect position when one girl jumped, I jumped with her and we got a little gap. I was excitted that I might get the chance to sprint for a top 3. Then…..I made a silly error and pedalled through a hard turn just a bit too soon and was on my butt before I could blink. Crap!!! I quickly dusted myself off and rolled in for a bunch finish time. I’m happy I didn’t take out any of the other girls with me, what a silly mistake!

Now I’m headed back to Boulder. I have a good solid couple weeks to train for my next race, Canadian Nationals June 26-27th.

It was a great week in Oregon. It’s a really nice area if you ever get the chance to come have a look.


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