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Weekends World Cups


O.K not really a world cup, but might as well have been. The thing about spending the summer in Boulder CO, in any sport, is you know everybody who is one of the best is here, and we all have the same idea, “let’s jump in the local races”. So…weekends local races turns out to be just as stacked and just as hard as any top quality race out there. It’s great to know you can roll out of bed in your summer home and race the best.

My weekend started with the Sunshine hill climb. This is an epic short race.The weather was pretty cool and the race started early. Living in the mountains of CO can bring you anything from freezing to hot in a few days. Today was freezing and it had been pouring rain all night. No problem but the race went straight up the mountain and half on dirt so it was going to be epic as expected.This climb is darn steep, lets say average grade of 12% up to 15% and when on half dirt that gets steep.

There was 30 girls who lined up for today’s little venture. Looking down the start line I felt like I must have been at a NRC. Mara Abbott, Tiffany Cromwell, Ann Samplonious, ect, ect. Some of the NRC circuits best climbers!Being a “little” weekend race I thought I’d through caution to the wind and try to stay with them as long as I could until I blew up, and then just suffer the rest of the way up at my best possible effort. Who knows unless you try is my moto and my goal in the next 12months is to be able to climb with these quality of girls so might as well try to hang on.
I lasted about 10min of the climb with them. They threw down the pace right at the start like a all out TT and I lasted about 10min before every bell and whistle went off in my body, BOOM!! Good to have a sense of humour at this point.
I found another little group of 3 and we formed the second group. So we had the small group of “all stars” up the road and my little group next. We pushed each others ability all the way up the climb. Our little group might of not be “all stars”, but it was still a very strong group and some stellar chicks. I ended up 8th overall on the day out of 30. A very fun event.

Getting down the mountain was the most epic part of the day. I have never been so cold in my life. I even stopped a car and got plastic bags from them for my completely frozen hands. I was kinda a mess once I got home. Very Epic for sure!!

Next was the North Boulder Crit on Sun. We didn’t race until 5:40p.m. Once again racing in Boulder is tough. The Pro Men’s field was stacked with Tour riders and champs! Guy’s that you only usually see on T.V in the “local world champs”, :-) Very cool.
The women’s race was no different. All stars came out for thier local Sunday crit. There was 50 of us on the start line.They race 1,2,3 together in the women’s so I felt kinda sorry for the pain the Cat 3 girls were about to face with these top studded women lining up. Meridith Miller from Tibco, Gina Grain from Webcore, Mara Abbot from HighRoad, ect, ect. This is a pretty technical course and some pretty rough turns. The pace was on like donkey con from the gun!Soon enough our pack was 20, then 15, then down to 13.
I took a huge risk at 2 laps to go. I figured…might as well try…, I attacked and went for it. I thought if just one really good chick came with me we might get a gap or they might let me go, not being on the all star list. Buuuuuuut….no such luck, when I jumped they must have marked me in there minds, because someone yelled, YUP…and they all came across. It was worth a shot 😉 Now it was hang the heck on and not get blown off the back after attacking.I knew they would really fire it up on this last lap. I hung on!! :-) I think I placed 11th. Haven’t seen the official results yet, but I’m pretty sure I was 11th. I was a bit disappointed I didn’t save that attack for the sprint, but I was happy I took the risk and tried. You just never know. So it was a blast.

Next is Ironhorse Omnium. THis is meant to be a very tough RR. I’m looking forward to it.

Happy training…

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