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Iron Horse Bicycle Classic


Last weekend I headed once again on the road for a classic road race. Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. This is a epic mountain RR with 47miles of climbing all very high, up to nearly 13,000 feet.
Durango is a beautiful part of the world in the Colorado mountains if you ever get the chance to go see. We raced from Durango to Silverton.
The weather has been known to be pretty sketchy for this race so I came prepared for cold rainy conditions. People had told me to not be shocked if you see snow up high on the mountain.
A 7 hr drive from Boulder made the day before pretty long but I had found a travel buddy from Boulder so it made the trip a bit easier.

Once again Colorado racing never lets you down with the quality of field. As the women’s pro 1-3 lined up we were a group of about 45 with many great girls on the line. And of course your world class up hill rockets were all there kitted up ready to rip our legs off :-)

The group stayed together for the first hour. Then up the first big climb we split up. I was second group working well with a few girls. Late into the second pass it was just me and one other girl left working our butts off trying to bridge back up to the break away group. I maybe worked a bit too much on the front and she attacked, she got across, and I had nothing left. So I “enjoyed” riding the remainder of the race ticking along pushing myself in “no mands land” solo. I ended up 14th on the day. A very tough day!
My body is still learning in it’s rookie year how to back up racing every weekend and today I didn’t feel so stellar. I was happy I mentally gave all I could with what my body had on the day.
Plus the weather actually turned out to be pretty nice. We stayed dry and it wasn’t too cold. Very beautiful ride!!

I laughed a little to myself that I spent 14hrs total in the car over 3 days to ride only 3hrs. But I can say that that epic ride was worth the driving and seeing that part of Colorado was great!

Next is Mt. Hood June 3-7th. This is in Oregon. I’ve wanted to do this stage race for years so I’m glad I’m finally going.

Happy training.

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