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Family Vacation

Last week Cerulean, Jahn Teller, and I joined our friends from Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus for a little vacation to Silver City, New Mexico. This was a big step for our family, as we’d never done an NRC race together. Needless to say, the Tour of the Gila did not disappoint. Here are some of the many things we learned together:

  • Host housing ROCKS! We had a most wonderful week with Avery and Deena. Thanks again for opening your house to us!
  • Judy should wear sunscreen at altitude.
  • Cerulean loves tubulars & Nippy Feldhake
  • Jahn Teller does not understand why I don’t TT quite so well after 2 epic road races’
  • We have a really good thing going on our team. Maggie is an AWESOME team director/moral support/caravan driver and friend. (And she looks fabulous in pink, even with tan lines!)
  • Coke is the truly magic recovery drink.
  • Everything is funnier after completing a 70+ mile race at altitude (Lance cut-outs, seat packs, etc.)

And finally, perhaps the most poignant lesson of the whole week: ‘You just can’t really know what you don’t know.’ I know, I know, it’s profound, but it’s true! (Thanks Neil!) I’ve raced more this season than ever before, but I’d never experienced the level of competition nor the demanding courses found at Gila. Though Cerulean is a bit embarrassed by my less-than-stellar results, I have a whole new perspective on this whole bike-racing thing. (It’s even more fun than I thought!) Now I know what I’m training for and I’m more motivated than ever to compete at this level. Thanks to the unending support of my teammates, my confidence has grown tremendously. It was a week I won’t soon forget!

Fun on the Gila Monster!

Fun on the Gila Monster!

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1 Kimberly Truitt { 05.07.09 at 9:47 am }

Great job, Judy! Even making it through Gila is exceptional. I am totally psyched for you and really inspired by your enthusiasm. Keep on truckin’.

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