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Specialized Mountain Bike Gloves – I love them!

After completing the Whiskey 50 mountain bike race this past weekend I have a need to share my new love for my Women’s Specialized BG Radiator Gloves. You say how can one be in love with gloves? Let me share the top 10 reasons why I have found these to be by far the best gloves for both mountain biking and road biking:

10)Stylish looks with nice bright colors.

9) Full finger protection.

8) Nice pad in the heal of the palm to help prevent numbness.

7) Velcro strap giving flexibility to adjust to your wrist size.

6) Ventilation on the top of the glove that prevents your hand from over heating.

5) Grip like strip on the top of the palm to help prevent slipping on the bars.

4) Split on the fingers for the knuckles that give you ease of movement.

3) Ventilated fingers to prevent overheating.

2) Specialized BG Radiator GloveDurable yet comfortable to withstand crashing.

For the number one reason why I love my Specialized Gloves!!!!!!!

1) Nice soft velvety thumb (the technical term is Microwipe) that is great for wiping your face and nose as you race and not scratch your delicate skin!!!

Try them out and you will feel the difference.

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1 comment

1 Barb Chamberlain { 10.17.10 at 5:38 pm }

Rats. Followed the link and the glove pictured there isn’t the least bit pretty like your illustration, nor do they have any colors besides black. I’m searching for women’s gloves in bright colors.

I’ll poke around the Specialized site for a while but you may want to check the link. It’s the same glove model you describe but without the styling and color options.


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