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Crashing is a Part of Racing

My first (in a race) crash happened in a woman’s cat 3-4 criterium last week. I’ve fallen off my bike severaltimes, just not in a race before! It happened only twenty feet from the start line. I have to admit I was a little nervous for this race because there were seven corners including a hairpin turn. As the official blew the whistle, I wanted to quickly get to the front to be able to go around the first turn with the front group(which was the hairpin turn). Another girl veered too far right to take the corner–and I was on her right! I went down and took another girl with me. The other gal got up and finished the race and I went off to the side.

The good thing about crashing in a race is there are many people tohelp you. Including my team director, Maggie. She took a look at mycollarboneand told me it wasn’t broken–I found out she was right after four hours in the ER.I am doingfine with a shoulder injury that is getting better everyday. So many people helped me out that day. My teammates, who told me I was beautiful and gave me a granola barand other cyclists who had had similar injuries. I even got the world’s largest ice pack wrapped to my shoulder by another cyclist. Which helped a lot! I’m pretty sure at least six other cyclists had similar crash stories with similar injuries and everyone has recovered and is still racing.

I know crashing is a part of racing, I just wasn’t ready for it to happen to me. I will recover and be back racing again soon. Besides, another cyclist may need me to wrap their shoulder with ice or tell them they’re beautiful and get them food after a crash…it helps!

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