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Sweetwater Trail System

Yesterday, I rode the new Sweetwater Trail system in Tucson, AZ, for the 2nd time. I must say, that despite getting dropped by a pack of MTB-riding dudes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The Sweetwater Trails are on the west side of Tucson just north of Tucson Mountain Park and Starr Pass. The trails are on Pima County land, and believe me, I was singing the county’s praises during the ride. I am glad that they are open and friendly to mountain bikers, hikers, horseback riders, and full-out shredders like myself. :-)

The Sweetwater Trails are the perfect mix of desert riding and awesome singletrack. If you don’t like the prospect of landing in a cactus, I suggest riding in another state, but really the trails are accessible to riders of all levels. You can go as fast or as slow as you like out there, as the trails are smooth, with lots of corners and turns. The faster you go, the harder it gets, but also the more fun!

Check out the map below if you want to try Sweetwater for yourself. You can also check out my blog post over at Missing Saddle for a report on my first ride out there.

Until next time, Happy Trails!


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