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Sunday’s 1.1


Well I managed to keep the rubber down this time :-)

It was 14laps, flat as a pancake, 8.5km crit type course. Some technical turns and a big group.

I was appropriately crapping myself at the start being my first big 1.1 race and getting over the jitters from Wed race.
The thing about bike racing at this level is you can not afford any mistakes. Positioning is very important, tactics are very important, reading the bunch is important, all things I have very little experience at. So it is not all about how fit or strong you are but all these factors at this level make or break your day.

I made about every positioning in the group mistake a person could possibly make. These mistakes caused me to end up off the back of the front bunch working with 5 girls until the race commissars pulled us from the course. I was a little disappointed they pulled us so early as we were not that far back, But it’s such a technical course as soon as a group was off they pulled them.

So to say I had a pretty frustrating week is an understatement. But…in saying that I learned ALLOT!! After the week I am further ahead than I was before the week started. I feel now more determined than ever to learn the trade of bike racing to get in the results.

It’s a great challenge and I always say…”well at least I know I’m alive”. :-)

Next is the Tuscon Bicycle Classic stage race. We fly to the USA tomorrow and start racing on Friday. I’m glad I get to go at it again right away and start racing with the team:-)


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