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San Dimas

I’m just hanging out in a hotel in San Dimas CA. I am in the few days rest between San Dimas and Redlands. I headed off on Thursday from Tuscon AZ to San Dimas CA. I was traveling with my good friend and team mate Kathryn.

San Dimas was 3 stages. An uphill TT, a road stage and a crit over 3 days. The field was stacked so we knew we’d be up for some solid racing.

I’m still learning how hard is hard and hard enough on these short TT efforts. The TT was a great climb of about 5km. I love this kind of climbing. For me the TT was good, not great, not bad, but just average. As the year goes I hope to learn how to really gauge these shorter hard TT’s and move myself into the top 10 placings in the big fields. This day I would have to settle for a solid effort and 24th place out of 80 girls.

Day two was a circuit type RR. 56miles. There were plenty of things to test yourself as a rider on this course. A good long stretch for the sprints, a little climb for KOM’s, some technical corners to test your skills. It was a great course.
There was a little break of about 13 girls. This happened right after a little crash in one of the corners. I just happen to be right behind the crash, had to stop, unclip, and get around it. I missed the break.I stayed in the main bunch for the remainder of the race and had a great ride. Finished 25th for the stage out of our 80chick bunch.

Day 3 was a crit. 6 corners and a slight incline on one side. THis day was all about learning for me. The last 5 years doing Ironman racing doesn’t really get you ready for high speed cornering. This was my second big crit ever. I hung in there tough for about 45min of the 55min, but my inexperience on high speed cornering got me popped. As the year goes on I will learn to corner at that speed and get my butt in the race :-)

So…now it’s just a bit of recovery before the fun starts all over again in Redlands. Redlands is one of the biggest races in the USA so I’m really looking forward to the challenges that will bring. I’m sure there will be plenty more up’s and downs to test my character.

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