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Racing upon arrival of USA Soil

So the TBC has come and gone. I got settled and ready as quick as Icould in 2-3days. Start the fun of racing. Luckily forme the cycling community of Tuscon are great people and have become great friends, soI was able to get organised and settled pretty quickly with allot of help.

The first stage was the TT which as you can imagine after the 9hr drive from Wellington to Auckland, the 14hrs flight from Auckland to LAX, then the final 2hr flight to Tuscon left me feeling a bit flat for an all out 8min effort. I did the best I could but ended up 12th. I had hoped to get on USA time zone quickly through the weekend and hope my zipp would come back for day two.

Even after feeling flat I was only 40sec down and that leaves allot of doors open for two more stages. This was also my first race with my new team and we had two up a bit higher on the GC so if I could help them win I would do my best.

Day two was a pretty chilly early a.m. start. I almost felt like I was doing triathlon again as we rolled out at 6:40a.m. Brrrrrr!!!
My legs DID come back through this race. I felt good, and I was ready to help out my teamies and give it a crack. But if bad luck comes in three’s I got my final dose this day. On the second lap of three laps my rear hanger broke, chain and derailleur went flying and tangled up around my rear stays. All I could do was pull over and have a good sense of humour about it all. I got a ride back from the support and showed the chief referee my bike so I could get the chance to start day three and maybe have some luck to play with the girls.

Day 3 was a circuit race with a couple small hills. All I’ll say is I was super happy to finally get the chance to race right to the finish :-) I just settled into the tactical race, had fun, tried to help out my team mates and played in the bunch sprint. I ended up 8th.

It was a great weekend with my new team and character testing, as sport always is. I’m excited and ready for the next bunch of races. Here’s hoping my bad luck is behind me and I have a few more really fun days.

Next is SanDimas stage race and Redlands…..



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