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9 days in…

This honeymoon is NOT over. His name is Cerulean, and I am in love. I’ll be honest’he knew before I did. I was slow to warm to him, but as I got to know the true Cerulean in his heart, I was smitten. On our second day together, I saw him leaning on Shannon (my trusty, precocious and perhaps jealous ’99 Honda Accord). A gust of wind came along and knocked him right off his feet. What a relief it was for me to discover he’s not perfect!!! I, too, have scars from past interactions with the pavement! (Though I have never crashed in a parking lot, thank you very much.) That sealed the deal. Though neither of us is perfect, we’re perfect for each other’

It’s the little things really. For instance, Cerulean’s top tube is flat on top. I have empirically determined that the ‘flat on top’ top tube geometry is superior to the more traditional cylindrical geometry when one is sitting on said top tube at a start line, stop light, or in a parking lot. He’s so thoughtful!!! Now, I’m sure I know a guy that knows a guy who could enlighten me to the superior aerodynamic and power transfer advantages afforded by this ‘flat on top’ geometry (My boy’s wicked fast!), but I don’t want to over analyze him. I’ve done that in past relationships, and it never works out well.

We compliment each other quite well. For instance, I often prefer to adopt a more stoic composure when riding in a pack, but Cerulean’s flashy white bar tape and abrasively loud free wheel exude intimidation. Though we certainly won’t be sneaking up on anyone in this weekend’s race, they will experience a fear akin to one being attacked from behind with a buzz saw. Additionally, he’s brave where I’m timid. Today we rode down Mt. Lemmon together, and I only touched his breaks 4 times. That’s a world record for me, but he just made me feel so safe as we rounded the corners on the road that clings to the side of several cliffs. And it’s only day 9!!! What trust we’ve developed in such a short amount of time!

Cerulean Tarmac, though we face great challenges ahead, I am both hopeful and optimistic that we can live the dream together!

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