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Official Website of the Women's Cycling Association of Arizona (WoCAA)

Women’s Cycling Association of Arizona

Welcome to the Women’s Cycling Association of Arizona (WoCAA) website!  We are a group of women who ride and race bikes who are working to improve cycling for women in the state of Arizona and beyond!  We are working towards a shared vision for women’s cycling and bike racing in Arizona, and working to develop women’s cycling at all levels and across disciplines.  The sky is the limit, and we welcome all women (and men) who love to ride bikes to join our movement!

WoCAA Mission

  • To increase the quantity of women racing in Arizona
    • result in a greater depth of experience
    • result in a greater range of ages
    • more return for promoters and sponsors
  • To increase the quality of experience for women racing in Arizona
    • better racer retention
    • nurture development
    • improve race atmosphere
  • To increase the quantity of women riding bikes in Arizona
    • make cycling accessible for fitness, competition, fun, and transportation
    • foster a community of cyclists

WoCAA Approach

  1. AZ Women’s Race Series
    • Encourages competition and racing across women’s categories
    • Encourages participation across disciplines
    • Geographically and temporally distributed
  2. Clinics & Events
    • Launch party!
    • Minimum of 3 clinics during the first year
    • Organized rides
    • Race series awards party
  3. Outreach
    • Social media & website
    • Survey about women’s cycling
    • Mentoring

  • Facebook
  • Twitter